Makka Pakka washes faces – In The Night Garden Live review

A little while ago we were lucky enough to be invited to a performance of In the night garden live. We are massive fans of ITNG here in our house.. Well Izzy is a massive fan and we love the fact that it makes her super chilled out ready for bed. I thought she may have grown out of it now but she still loves it and quite often I will find her excitedly chatting to Upsy Daisy or Iggle Piggle.

Makka Pakka is my favourite as he washes faces. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used the line Makka Pakka washes faces doesn’t he? While wiping a runny nose or trying to remove a tomato based sauce from her chin. It always stops her moaning and she will often pick up the face sponge in the bathroom and walk around wiping her toys saying Makkkaaaaa.

So anyway we were excited about the show – I did think that perhaps Izzy would be scared or just too young to understand it. I was wrong! As we walked into the O2 there were large teaser boards pointing the way to the show entrance each with a different character on and she ran eagerly to each one beaming. When we got to the entrance and she saw the giant inflatable HaaHoos her little face was a delight to see.


We were early so secured a good spot and settled down. Izzy was fascinated by the images on the dome roof especially with the pinky ponk flying around the ceiling. When the show began at first she just looked shocked for a few seconds and then absolutely delighted as the characters began to appear. She danced and sang and chattered along with the show and I have to say watching her enjoy it will I’m sure be one of my favourite memories from her toddlerhood.



Some rather cute, funny videos of Izzy enjoying the show:

In the night garden – at the beginning reaction video

In the night garden 2 – happy to see all the characters video

In the night garden 3 – dancing like Upsy Daisy video

Myself and OH enjoyed the show also and I think we will go it see it next year again if Izzy is still interested in it as was such a fun afternoon.

A very easy positive review to write as I honestly can’t recommend it enough.

*we were given a family ticket in return for our honest opinions of the show.


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